Vocabulary Ninja and Bloomsbury Kids Livestream

Last Wednesday, we had the amazing opportunity to work with one of our clients Vocabulary Ninja alongside Bloomsbury Kids! If you haven’t already heard of the incredible Vocabulary Ninja, he creates premium content for teachers for different topics for KS1 and KS2! He has also recently published Comprehension Ninja with Bloomsbury Kids, which is a set of workbooks for children to help master vocabulary, reading, comprehension and learning at home, which is ideal for the current situation and was discussed in last week’s Facebook livestream! 

With the current pandemic and the effects that the Coronavirus has had on children’s educational life has been significant. The role of a teacher has quickly been passed on to parents/carers, who over the past 13 weeks have had to set up their child’s classroom at home. Not to mention the stress that comes with the role of trying to ensure that you are keeping your child or children up to speed with where they need to be and making sure that they do not fall behind peers- we can all admit it’s been hard! 

With potentially having to refresh our own memory of what the difference is between a noun and a verb, or the definition of a homophone, we knew that parents were beginning to feel a little burnt out. Not to mention that the media reported that 2 MILLION children had completed no work at home! 

With that in mind, we knew it was essential to play our part in changing the statistics and to also help parents and carers feel more confident in helping their child stay on target. Vocabulary Ninja’s Comprehension Ninja Workbooks do just that! They not only support the potentially daunting task of learning at home, but as the resources are also used by many teachers, help students feel familiarity between learning in a classroom and learning at home. 

During the Facebook livestream between Andrew from Vocabulary Ninja and Helen from Bloomsbury Kids, they  did the amazing job of discussing the importance of a child’s vocabulary, reading and overall learning, while also answering some of your questions. It was not only extremely beneficial but also insightful to show the significance that each aspect has on a child.  

We must say that we have thoroughly enjoyed working with both Vocabulary Ninja and Bloomsbury Kids and having the opportunity to work alongside two amazing companies! If you haven’t already seen the livestream, you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/BloomsburyKids/videos/281155882943747.