Photo & Video Production

Colehouse Communications deliver high-quality, high-impact photography and videography services to help brands effectively engage with their audiences online. You can have the best photography in the world, but if people aren’t seeing it, then… what’s the point? Colehouse Communications integrates over 10 years of digital consultancy knowledge and expertise with photography and videography services to offer a bespoke service to your brand which gets the people going.

Case Studies

The Porky Pint

Client: The Porky Pint, Billingham.
Type: Interior, Exterior, Food, Drink

After working with our client, The Porky Pint, on other elements of their digital strategy, they asked us to help them to elevate this further by providing our photography service.

After consulting with them, we took a range of interior and exterior shots plus a range of product shots to showcase what they can offer.

We are continuing to work with The Pork Pint to help them to utilise these assets to their full potential and to give them the best possible return on their investment.


Client: Hidebound
Type: Product, advertising

Hidebound handcraft a unique range of leather drinking vessels, made to historical design and adapted for contemporary use. The team wanted some support in the production of professional images to showcase their product offerings in an advertising campaign. The initial shoot was used as research of their product, honing in on the high detail and range of their products, some of these images could be used for creative posts and for effective product sweeps in the video production.

The team are continuing to work with Hidebound to develop how our photography and video service offerings can be used to boost their social media presence through video advertising.