Bring It On North East

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with the North East company Bring It On. Due to the current situation regarding the global pandemic, Bring It On unfortunately had to make the hard decision to cancel their yearly Engineering Exhibition due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus. 

However, every cloud does have a silver lining and Bring It On were delighted to announce that this year they would go digital, which has given us the amazing opportunity to be able to work alongside Bring It On and Beaconhouse to create content for their weekly shows! 

Each week, Bring It On, introduces a new engineering company, which allows the children of today to see the opportunities that engineering can bring them and what it would be like working in a particular sector. For each show, we have been using episodic content to create excitement and to be able to reveal a little bit more to the viewer each week, allowing for great engagement and to allow viewers to constantly connect with Bring It On. 

We do this initially by introducing the company at the beginning of the week, which gives an insight into what the viewer can expect over the coming week and it also generates an interest, allowing the viewers to see what the company is about. We then begin to introduce the ‘stars of the shows’ for the current week, which creates a  relatable sense and personal tone to the show and encourages the viewers to engage. We then introduce that the weekly show has gone live, with a video snippet, encouraging the viewers to head on over and watch. We finally then continue to post regular content, with social assets such as again video snippets, images and quotes, which continues to reveal more to the viewer, if they have not yet watched the current show and establishes a constant contact and engaging content. 

By generating the content, has allowed us to grow a great remote audience for Bring It On. As this is the first time Bring It On’s Engineering Exhibition has gone digital, it was extremely important to gain that remote audience, to be able to target everyone that was meant to attend the event. We decided the best plan of action was to post across Facebook and Twitter, create appealing social assets and to have regular content going out each day. We have also monitored each social media post that was published, to gain the best insight that we could about our audience and how we can improve each week. We discovered that all of our social media posts have massively benefited and have increased Bring It On’s overall engagement, which we couldn’t be happier about. We also found that our audience especially engage with videos, therefore each week, we have been including more clips from the video to make sure we are improving each week. 

We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with the amazing company Bring It On and we have enjoyed and are enjoying creating weekly content for their shows with each fantastic engineering company. If you haven’t already seen their shows, head on over now and check them out