We deliver a specific set of skills across many disciplines. We ARE NOT full service – we know our strengths and where we can add value. Our team love creative challenges and taking briefs of all shapes and sizes. Take a look below and see if we can help you.

What do we do?

Marketing Strategy

A digital audit is the quickest way to identify and improve your digital strategy. Simply put, we look at your business with fresh eyes, combining the latest research with your business objectives and marketing KPI’s and seamlessly match this to a new all-encompassing digital strategy.

Sky Sports At The Races

In 2014 we worked with the Marketing Director at Sky Sports brand At The Races to analyse their overarching digital marketing strategy. Our work resulted in the creation of their new 12-month strategy which delivered high impact results. 

  • Increased digital brand visibility by 94%
  • Introduction of social initiatives increased on-page social engagement by over 300%
  • Increased YouTube subscribers by 10%
  • Increased marketing team social and digital knowledge

Web Development

Many of our projects over the years have involved some kind of website development. From simple, yet effective landing pages to full-blown redevelopments. Beautiful, effective sites, always mobile-first and consumer-led.

Vocabulary Ninja

We were tasked with rebranding and relaunching Vocabulary Ninja – a business built up over a number of years but who’s digital strategy needed some love and attention. The brand had several separate digital identities across the web that needed centralising and the business had recently introduced a membership product that needed placing front and centre. With ambitions of conquering the UK educational market and international growth this was to be phase one of a long term plan we have mapped out with the client. 

Launches & Campaigns

It is harder than ever to cut through with new products and services. With almost limitless options and budgets needing to work harder than ever you need to make sure your strategy is on point. We have a long history of successful campaigns and launches from products to behaviour change; speak to the team to find out how we can help you.


Approaching the end of 2019, we were contacted by an Australian company who had the idea of holding the first ever Global Swim Rise event – emulating the daily routine that forms part of their not-for-profit organisation while encouraging people from across the world to ‘dip at dawn’. We created a campaign which included the creation of a landing site, video content, an email and advertising strategy that would allow us to bring this concept to people on mass and in a highly targeted way with a small advertising budget.

  • 2000+ participants from 25 countries
  • Grew a large mailing list and web presence from a standing start.
  • Over 125 events were registered.


We understand the value of design, be that in print or online, to help develop and grow a brand as well as to give campaigns and projects a cohesive feel. 

NPH Summit

In 2018, working closely with the in-house team at NGI, we developed a microsite within the Great Exhibition of The North website. We were contracted to provide digital marketing services for the three-day event which featured the Governor of The Bank Of England as well as several leading figures from business and politics from across the UK.

  • 28 million impressions
  • The #NPHSummit hashtag trended in Newcastle for 3 full days
  • 1,000+ people took part in the conversation using the hashtag

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can sometimes get a bad rep of being fluff or not ROI focussed and we couldn’t disagree more. Done properly, social media can help you reach your customers in new and innovative ways – and everything we do in this space is 100% ROI focussed. 


At the start of our relationship in 2017, OddsMonkey required a robust social media acquisition strategy using paid social media advertisements across Twitter and Facebook. We ran closed tests targeting various customer buckets achieving a large projected ROI, resulting in an ‘always on’ campaign being rolled out as part of the digital marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing

Emails are sometimes the unsung heroes  – especially following GDPR, we know how to grow email lists and more importantly how to unleash the full potential of nurturing an email list to grow sales. 


Since 2017, our team has been the driving digital force behind TEDx Manchester and have helped grow from attendances of around 400, to a 2,500+ person event and the largest TED gathering in North America and Europe. With the responsibility of digital comms for the event, our team delivered high quality social media comms and emails, resulting in a rapid growth of the events mailing list under our management.

  • Email list growth of over 341%

Content Creation

Content- probably the single most over used and almost meaningless word in digital marketing. To be clear – we are experts in creating written and visual media that cuts through and reaches your potential customers. 


In early 2015, Colehouse was hired to lead social media, partner and press communications on “National Voter Registration Day” (NVRD). Working with community partners, key commercial partners, national press, and political partners to coordinate digital communications to register a minimum of 250,000 people to vote; at the time, a world record.

  • 14.4 million digital impressions were created solely from the Bite The Ballot social media accounts
  • Overall in 7 days, we registered 441,500 people. 
  • NVRD and its variations trended nationally and organically 4 separate times throughout the 5th of Feb.

Paid Social

Social media is now pay to play – organic reach plays a part but it has become a smaller and smaller part as the years go on. We work with our clients to ensure they get the most bang for their buck when it comes to paid for social – we’re experts in not only the creative side but most importantly, we understand the strategic execution across the major networks and how they can help you grow your business. 

Microsoft Partner Global Ad Campaign

In late 2018 the Microsoft Ignite Global Tour kicked off visiting 20+ locations across the world. The Quadrotech marketing team identified 10 key countries across the globe for us to launch a paid and organic social media campaign designed to lift brand affinity and drive visits to on-site event stands as Platimum Microsoft Partners.

  • 10 global destinations – one important message
  • 1 million highly targeted brand impressions in new markets
  • 30k video views of key brand information.