Colehouse X Vocabulary Ninja: Development Update

We’ve been hard at work and we’re happy to reveal a few small details about our upcoming game collaboration with Vocabulary Ninja. 

“The primary aim of the games is to develop a pupils depth and breadth of vocabulary that will enhance not only their written and spoken communication skills, but to increase general understanding and improve reading outcomes.” – Andrew Jennings

What we’re doing:

We’re working with Andrew, founder of Vocabulary Ninja, to create a series of e-learning mini-games for use at home and in the classroom. Each game will be focussed on broadening your child’s vocabulary whilst building on their current knowledge. 

The collaboration was made possible due to a grant from the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA). 

“Initially I had wanted to create a series of videos to support pupils developing and retaining knowledge from across the National Curriculum, but as COViD-19 hit and the world over learning changed for everyone, games seemed like a much more interactive and inclusive way of delivering the project aims, rather than the passive nature of a video. I want pupils to be excited and engaged by vocabulary and learning, and the doors that it can open up for them.” – Andrew Jennings

The games are web based for ease of access and will be playable on PC and mobile devices. Every aspect of design has been thought out to make the games accessible to everyone. 

“Throughout the design of the these games we have three things that guide everything we do. 1 – Ease and joy, if you can’t get stuck in and absorbed with no effort, it’s too complicated. 2 – Ensuring everything learnt whilst playing is INSTANTLY translatable back into school and the wider world. 3 – That EVERY CHILD, no matter what device or connectivity they have, will be able to play these games and put learning in every single hand.” – Dom Baker – Creative Director

In the last post Welcome to the Dojo we were looking for our talented crew of designers and developers. We’re delighted to be working with some big names in the games industry. Our new team members have worked on projects with everyone from CBBC to Disney and we’re ecstatic to be working alongside them on this project. 

What we’ve done so far:

We worked on briefs and brainstormed ideas on how the games should function and we’re now moving at incredible speed. Storyboards have been created and we’ve begun development on our first game. We’re currently working on accessibility and internally testing our first game, with development in early stages on our second game.

What we’re doing next:

Development is moving fast and we have a build of our first game ready to start external testing this week. We’re also working on asset creation with development on games three and four starting in the coming weeks.

We’re excited to share details of our collaboration with Vocabulary Ninja and we’ll reveal more of these details in the coming weeks. Throughout the project we’ll be providing little updates like these so if you want to keep up with the project give us a follow on our socials.

Get ready to test your child’s skills and help them broaden their vocabulary with the new Vocabulary Ninja mini-games coming early next year!