Colehouse X Vocabulary Ninja: Welcome to the Dojo

Get your child to learn new skills while playing the all-new e-learning mini games coming soon!

Colehouse is proud to announce we’re working with Vocabulary Ninja to create some e-learning web games aimed at primary school children.

The project, which includes the creation of multiple mini-games, was made possible by a collaboration grant from the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA).

The mini-games will teach children a wide variety of topics from the curriculum in an exciting and engaging way. These applications will provide a way for each child to develop based on their individual capability while progressing at their own pace.

Created in 2016, Vocabulary Ninja has gone from strength to strength since its inception and it’s founder Andrew Jennings, who is also a celebrated published author, couldn’t be happier.

Alongside creating new resources for Vocabulary Ninja, Andrew has also been releasing a series of physical resources, published by internationally recognised publishing house, Bloomsbury.

With Vocabulary Ninja’s exponential growth, Andrew decided that now is the perfect time to develop his incredible learning resources into playable games. 

This new resource will be the perfect partner to home-learning, which couldn’t be more important as this year has shown. 

Andrew created Vocabulary Ninja as a resource for his own class to use, after seeing the great response, he knew he had to bring his e-learning resources to every teacher in the world.

Which brings us to now, Vocabulary Ninja is smashing it on the e-learning stage and this upcoming project is the next step in bringing the resource to every teacher in the world.

Vocabulary Ninja’s collection of e-learning web games are set to launch early next year, so keep your eyes peeled.

For this project we’re looking for a talented duo to help us bring these games to life. If you’re a passionate game designer or developer you can apply below: