At The Races

Devise the annual digital media strategy to help the At The Races team develop their web presence, increase cross pollination from social media to broadcast, and to increase app downloads.

Client: At The Races / NAVADA
Date: 2014
Services: Digital Strategy

Working closely with the Marketing Manager (At The Races) we worked through all marketing and business objectives conducting a full deep dive digital audit.  From this I was able to form a cohesive and potent digital strategy for 2014.

ATR were keen to start integrating social media and digital practices (SEO / email) into their business strategy.

Engaging social content
We introduced themed, cross platform social content to help drive on platform engagement on Twitter and Facebook, and to increase data capture to help retarget their upcoming app.

We trained the team to use a content calendar and introduced and trained the team to be able to use enterprise social media management software.

Broadcast Integration
One of the key initiatives we introduced was to integrate their broadcast and digital properties, something they had been reticent to do in the past for various reasons. Introducing Twitter votes, and simple calls to action for their viewership to connect with them on social media helped increase overall fan numbers and engagement with social content that we had helped devise.

ATR have continued implementing the strategy long after we left the process, demonstrating the strength and accuracy of our recommendations.

In the first quarter of the strategy being implemented the results were as follows: –

  • Increased digital brand visibility by 94%
  • Introduction of social initiatives increased on page social engagement by over 300%
  • Increased YouTube subscribers by 10%
  • Increased marketing team social and digital knowledge