How will IOS 14 and Opt-in tracking updates impact the marketing world?

The world of Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, and with privacy and security changes constantly on the horizon, businesses have to adapt and change. 

More recently, there has been a few changes taking place that will affect consumers behaviour and B2B relationships going forward. We created a blog just toward the end of 2020 talking about Facebook ads and IOS 14 for 2021 and what it will mean for your business. If you haven’t read it yet, take a look ?

IDFA challenge for business

One of the main challenges that is upcoming for businesses involved heavily in the management of social media and advertising is the IDFA from Apple. Labelled as the The Identifier for Advertisers, is part of IOS 14’s update for Apple users which gives full control to the user over the ability to switch off data tracking completely. Google also has a similar device identifier on Android devices known as the Android Advertising ID (AAID), enabling the user to opt out of personalised ads. Will the introduction of IDFA from Apple have a damning effect on advertising for marketers?

New research published on the 8th April from Social Media Today highlights the potential impact of the upcoming IDFA update. Of course as this has not been fully released yet this is only based on indications on take up, but gives figures for what we can expect. AppsFlyer has conducted a survey for over 300 apps and responses to the new prompts for IDFA, with over 13.2 million exposures. The figures show a 41% Opt in rate for the prompts, much higher than expected and is more positive than initially expected back at the end of 2020. This is a weighted average, however, across industries, Gaming – Social Casinos and casual gaming seemed to struggle with only 21% and 25% of users deciding to opt in respectively. Utilities had the highest rate of opt in at 45% whilst social, which is most significant for business sits at the 33% mark. 

This report denotes that for businesses, it is not all bad news that these changes are coming into play, and for some whom have already prepared for this, comes as good news, as examples such as ad targeting will not be as badly affected as predicted. However, this is still a big drop in overall audience data that will have a negative effect on results for paid media as a whole.

The IOS14.5 Update…Which changes will I need to consider?

The announcement of IOS 14 and the changes it was going to be making, especially in the way of Facebook advertising has definitely caused some disruption for marketers, however some opportunity for others. Here are some of the main changes that are coming to that marketers will need to prepare for:

  • You will not be able to track more than 8 actions on a site at any one time, therefore marketers will need to prioritise their triggers on the pixel.
  • Campaign results are going to be strongly affected as analytics will be filled in over a 72 hour period instead of real time. 
  • Two separate ad accounts can be created, one for IOS and one for Android users.

These changes are of course going to have an impact on things, especially for retargeting your audience, as it’s expected that your data set from prospecting audiences will be more than halved, therefore meaning business strategies will need to be re-examined. The marketing funnel also will need to be re-aligned with the customers attitude and journey on websites due to the new tracking options. One aspect that the update does not change, however, is the lead forms. This could be seen as an opportunity for marketers to focus their attention on lead generation as a means of building that relationship between the business and the customer. 

Here at Colehouse Communications, we don’t put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to marketing effectively for your business. We are experts in unlocking a wide range of innovation and marketing techniques. Although this will be a real setback for some marketing companies and agencies, we consider it as an opportunity to utilise other effective methods that give real results. If you want to learn more about how we can help your business, get in touch with us for a free consultation where we can get to know your business better.