Apple launches anti tracker ad

Apple’s long awaited iOS 14.5 update has arrived and with as few as 4% of people opting in to allowing tracking Apple have doubled down on this being a pro consumer feature with this brilliant advert. 

Ever felt like this before? Well now you can opt out of this happening as much with the new iPhone update.

96% of iPhone users are not enabling in-app tracking


For those of you who haven’t followed the Cambridge Analytica scandals or watched the Social Dilemma, you might not know that for years companies have been able to build sophisticated profiles and use them for advertising targeting (or worse) using third party cookies. 

We have written extensively about them and how things are actually changing. Apple announced their move to opt out by default some months back and proceeded to have a very public spat with Facebook over this including FB taking out a full page ad in the New York Times

Facebook has a dog in the fight – micro-targeting and allowing even the smallest of start ups to use tracking data to sell to new customers has been extremely powerful for them, so its natural they will be upset. 

Businesses are starting to see some impact in their Facebook advertising costs rising. So it is important that if you have become over reliant on Facebook advertising or the use of third party cookies in your marketing strategy that you speak to a company like ours about other options and ways of doing things. 

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