Top Takeaways From The Facebook Marketing Summit 2021

Last week we attended the Facebook Marketing Summit for Northern Europe in which we heard from a bunch of experts in the field of marketing. We thought we would summarise the key points we heard across the event that might be of benefit and interest to your business going forward into the second half of 2021.

Benedict Evans made a great presentation on the Great Unbundling of e-commerce over the last 12 months and gave some interesting statistics that puts into perspective the effect Covid-19 has had on business.

  • E-commerce penetration went from around 16% to over 25% during the covid pandemic 
  • Grocery delivery went up over 15% 
  • Video calling went from ⅓  to around ⅔   
  • Amazon delivered a ⅓ of all parcels last year
  • 40 percent growth for amazon in 2020 

These statistics show the effect that covid-19 had on consumer habits, with people being told to stay indoors. It has led to a shift in the way people shop for essential food, with a 15% increase in grocery delivery, to the ease of use for amazon delivery, having 40% of strong growth in 2020. It will be interesting to see how this changes in 2021 as restrictions start to ease, and see how consumer habits adapt accordingly.

Ian Edwards and Karen Nelson Field showcased some interesting points on the Attention of customers in the current climate. They stated that if ‘No attention is paid, then no impact can be made at any stage of the funnel. If you don’t do brand building and add attentive content to your ads – you won’t see results, basically inferring to the fact you can’t just put an advert out and expect it to work, there is a lot more behind the scenes data and work to be done to get success from an advertising campaign. 

They go on to mention that there is a product age coming where recommendations and personalisation will be at the forefront of marketing. Advertisers need to adapt to the evolving mindset of the customer, and understand that you shouldn’t expect a viewer to pay undivided attention to an ad, adjusting it to fit. Understand that the typical human being is extremely busy and it’s habitual to scroll, be flexible and creative and use different methods to suit all audiences.

Finally, we heard from Pete Buckley on Facebook’s stance on the Retail and E-commerce breakout. They stated products are now finding people aswell as people finding products that have opened an opportunity to showcase your products and services as the awareness stage of a customer’s journey. They expressed a model named Brand 3 which takes the three most popular areas of strategic objective, Association, Awareness and Consideration, and adds value to each as the most effective campaigns to use. 

The main takeaways from this are:

  • Creative ads are 2 times more effective when you take mobile first into consideration
  • More than 70% In stream Ad impressions are viewed to completion with sound on
  • Brand building is a marathon not a sprint 

There was a lot of interesting information to come out of the summit that all businesses should be taking into consideration going into Q3 2021 and beyond. If you want to learn more about how we can add value such as what you have learned above, and turn it into results, click below ?