400,000 people played Verto making 19 million decisions – Colehouse lead on launch and adoption of first of its kind voter advice application.

Client: Bite The Ballot
Date: March 1, 2015
Services: Digital Strategy, PPC, Social Media

01. The Brief

Create and co-ordinate a social media led marketing campaign to get users for Bite The Ballot’s new voter advice tool Verto.

Develop digital / social branding and lead in-house digital execs and creatives at Bite The Ballot to develop a social media / content strategy to encourage young and first time users to use Verto.

Digital Strategy

Part concept, full strategy to help get this in the hands of young people in the run up to the General Election.

400,000+ Users

A combination of social content, influencer endorsement and media partnerships.

02. Approach

Partnerships with Starbucks, The Independent, and Twitter allowed us to bring physical events together with strong online content. 

We created social media content to help young people understand things like ‘Manifesto pledges’ and how they could be effected to entice them into using Verto.

03. Tinder For Politics

Verto simplified politics for the Tinder Generation. By using familiar ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ to agree or disagree, people could see who their belief system aligned them to politically from the first touch.

04. Engaging Influencers & The Media

Working with influencers previously engaged via Leaders Live we were able to build trust in Verto and help reach 100,000’s of young people int he target demographic.

05. Results

Verto launched 4 weeks before the General Election and still managed staggering results.

  • 400,000 users
  • 19 million decision
  • Featured in several major publications including, The Independant, Cosmopolitan and The Drum.

Client: Bite The Ballot
Date: March 1, 2015
Services: Digital Strategy, PPC, Social Media