Flat Caps Coffee

Colehouse support award winning coffee shop in coronavirus pivot to increase online sales by over 286%

Client: Flat Caps Coffee
Date: 2010-20
Services: Website, Customer Retention, eCommerce

Pivoting to success through e-commerce

“With having to close our shop to support social distancing we needed to do something quick. We have been able to stay in touch with our customers as well as continue making a revenue during these tough times.”

Joe Meagher Owner, Flat Caps Coffee

Since the launch of Flat Caps Coffee we have developed their website and digital brand to support their award winning coffee shops and products. In 2020 we have refocused the purpose of the site to serve online coffee enthusiasts as well as the loyal bricks and mortar customers allowing the Flat Caps Coffee brand to sell internationally.

Celebrating The Coffee Community

We have also worked much closer on content and campaigns, for example, the recent £1,000 Latte Art Competition in partnership with iZettle which sold out within 4 hours. 

User Friendly Experience

Customers now find it easy to navigate their way around the website and can get the most out of their experience.


The site now works beautifully across all devices ....


The team are now able to edit menus and opening times in a simple and effective way.