Microsoft Inspire Video Diary

We created a video strategy to promote the client’s presence at MS Inspire and to increase footfall to the event stand.

Client: Quadrotech
Date: July 16th, 2017

Growing engagement at #MSINSPIRE

We were asked to come up with a quick and dirty activation campaign to set Quadrotech apart as a Gold Sponsor of the annual MSInspire event. With little budget and even less time we concepted a daily video diary that, working along with the team, could be recorded and deployed in pseudo-real-time to achieve the following: 

1) Highlight the key partnership with Microsoft

2) Cover major news from Keynote speakers and  the press

3) Draw people to the stand to interact with the team on the ground. 

214% increase in conversions
8x increase in video watch time during the campaign
19k+ video views

Throughout the event, the video diary received lots of positive engagement and even drew praise from Microsofts own comms team. This activation not only helped draw more people to the Quadrotech stand but also increased digital brand impressions throughout #MSinspire.