Working with Hidebound to increase online sales and brand awareness. Taking high quality product shots to show the fine craftsmanship and expertise of this 25 year old business.

Hidebound’s products have been featured in some of the biggest cultural moments on screen including Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones. We were thrilled to work with the team to deliver a fantastic campaign, true to the roots and heritage of Hidebound and their manufacturing techniques.

Client: Hidebound
Date: October 15, 2020
Services: Paid Social Media, Strategy


Showcase a local brand with international cultural appeal 

Hidebound handcraft a unique range of leather drinking vessels, made to historical design and adapted for contemporary use. The team wanted some support in the production of professional images to showcase their product offerings in an advertising campaign.

Working closely with the owners of the business we developed an initial test and learn campaign and 6 week advertising strategy to help grow online sales. 

After technical set up and audience development we created a series of still ads and two videos that helped bring the brand to life. Lockdown had meant that physical product demonstrations were not an option so we were challenged to bring the quality of the brand through with our creative. 


Relive a bygone era.

Upon speaking with the team, we quickly learned of the rich history of each product held. Fascinating stories of not only the craftsmanship, but the effect each product had on the people of the time and even down the sayings still used today. 

Not only that – we also found out that Hidebound’s products have been used in many high profile series, movies, and on stage, including Pirates of The Caribbean and Game of Thrones. 

Using this information we created advertising campaigns that highlighted the Hollywood connection but kept the heritage and quality craftsmanship at its core. A video was created to help show the love and attention put into the creation of each product. And we launched a social media advertising campaign to help grow sales. 


During our initial campaign with Hidebound we were able to increase inbound enquiries about hand made and customised tankards as well as increase online sales. 

% increase in Return
% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition