The Ancient Unicorn

Increasing the profile, change booking direction and have a social strategy to help with consistency and content for social media.

Client: The Ancient Unicorn
Date: February 9, 2021
Services: Website Development, Content, Strategy

01. The Brief

After an initial strategy meeting with the client, we discovered that the brand wanted to increase its profile and change the direction of booking from traditional means to a more contemporary layout through the site. Also they wanted to have a social strategy that helped with consistency and content for social media.

02. Insight

After setting up on the strategy and tactics for the project, we headed on some initial scoping research to discover industry trends and analysis into layout and systems for the site. We looked at content that the brand currently had and gave ideas to where we could implement extra content and structure. 

03. Approach

The approach was to rebuild the site from the current state , with a focus on the hotel side to the business as this was where the brand wanted to grow. So we made a UX that caters for the hotel but not ruling out the other parts of the brand. We analysed similar sites and came to the conclusion that a lot of sites were using stock imagery. So we made a bank of high quality photography to incorporate into the site design.

What we did

  1. Marketing tool kit 
  2. Full Marketing/CX review
  3. Photography package with over 1000 images 
  4. Brand new website 



04. Results

We designed a solid user experience that showcases the brand identity, giving it a personal feel whilst still meeting the target of designing a site fit for purpose. We also created a social strategy for the brand and created some social media content that the client can use. Also we gave a plethora of high quality imagery that the client can use at their disposal.