Twitter’s New Stories-like Ads in Fleets Are Here To Take On Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

In November, Twitter launched its Fleets feature, which allowed users to post momentary thoughts that last only 24 hours, similar to Facebook and Instagram Stories feature. This new add-on has worked great and been used by many in the months it has been around. It has been a great way to start a conversation, gain opinions from your followers and to also show behind the scenes. Recently, Twitter had released Fleet Ads, which are story-like formatted, vertical ads, in a bid to compete with their competitors. It will allow companies to create an image or 30 second video Ad, which individuals will be able to swipe up to and visit the link that is provided. 

Twitter’s Fleet Ads will be able to be used to help show and demonstate what businesses do and the products and services they offer, along with any promotions they would like to advertise. It will be a great way to help boost sales and reach a new audience of potential customers that you would not have otherwise targeted. Twitter has seen a 26% growth in the past year, therefore now more than ever is a great opportunity to jump on to using Fleet Ads.

There is no doubt that Twitter’s Fleet Ads will bring some great benefits for businesses or individuals who use it. It will allow for them to see their metrics, which will include impressions, swipe ups and profile clicks along with many other options. This is a great benefit, as metrics are an ideal way for businesses and individuals to measure engagement and social media reach of their posts. Not only this, but by using Twitter’s new fleet Ads, when it arrives in the UK, will help you as a business stand out from your competitors, in return generating more customers and more sales. 

With Twitter’s platform growing year on year, there is no doubt that this would be a great opportunity for business to jump on and help reach a larger audience and gain great engagement – do you think this is something you would like to try?