10 Tips for Running Twitter Spaces + growing an audience.

This week we helped a client launch a new series of discussions using ‘Twitter Spaces‘ to speak with their community. This feedback made our week!

I think the feature is extremely under used, and has massive potential for anyone trying to build a community or movement, share expertise and much more.

For the uninitiated – Spaces is a new audio-only feature that allows users to join and participate in live audio conversations.

Tips for anyone using Twitter Spaces within their marketing strategy:

1.Find and join Spaces: Look for Spaces in your Twitter feed or by tapping the purple circle with a white plus sign at the bottom of your screen to create your own. Joining spaces before you decide to make one is a massive tip for me. See how other people moderate and host, see how things work – play with the features available to you as a participant so you can see what people joining your Space will be able to do.

2. Engage with the host and other participants: Participate in the conversation by using the “request to speak” feature, which notifies the host that you would like to join the conversation. Once the host approves, you can share your thoughts and opinions. Also use the emoji reactions and as a host you can now use sound boards for things like applause and lots of other fun stuff.

3. Be respectful: Just like any social media platform, it’s important to be respectful and considerate of others while using Twitter Spaces. Avoid using profanity, hate speech, or harassing other users. Literally anyone can join your space once it is up and running so make it an inclusive environment.

4. Use a good microphone: Having a clear audio is key to having an engaging conversation. Use a good quality microphone to ensure that other users can hear you clearly. Might sound obvious but be somewhere quiet, and remember where the mute button is so you can keep things quiet while others take the floor to speak.

5. Have a topic in mind: If you’re planning on hosting your own Twitter Space, have a topic in mind that is relevant to your audience. This will help attract participants and keep the conversation focused. Make a plan of who is speaking, how you’re going to introduce things, what topics you will cover, how you can bring in audience members.

7. Promote your Twitter Space: Promote your Twitter Space on your other social media platforms to attract more participants. Use all channels and make sure you leave enough lead in time to get people along. There is a great feature where people can ‘Set a Reminder’ in a click on Twitter, so they then get a notification once you go live.

8. Experiment and have fun: Twitter Spaces is still a new feature, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it. Try different topics, engage with different people, and see what works best for you and your community.

Two Bonus Tips

9. Once you have completed your Twitter Space you get access to a recording which you are able to edit the start time (allowing you to chop all the stuff at the beginning where you’re welcoming people into your Space and making sure everyone’s mic is working!) this then becomes available as a shareable piece of content. When we shared the content for our client this week we tripled the amount of listens – it’s really powerful. 

10. Choose your participants wisely – how relevant are they to your audience, the topic and do they have a good relevant following (so they can potentially help with the promotion of the event.) 

We hope you found this useful and if you’re considering running a Twitter Space or any online community focussed event we would love to talk to you or answer any questions you might have. Feel free to get in touch 🙂