New TikTok Spark Ads Allows Brands to Boost Organic Content

This week, TikTok introduced a brand new ad option called Spark Ads which essentially allows brands to boost existing organic videos with paid ad activity if they feel the video aligns with their campaign objectives. Creators on TikTok are redefining the entertainment industry, starting new trends and sharing products and services that they love and believe in with their evergrowing and loyal audiences. 

Spark Ads are allowing brands to tap into that and connect with creators who can help bring their products to life. For instance, let’s say a popular beauty influencer on TikTok showcases Olaplex treatment which helps to repair, protect and strengthen hair:

With Spark Ads, Olaplex could reach out to the original creator and ask for their permission to repurpose their clips for paid ad campaigns on TikTok. 

Alternatively, brands can also boost their own organic posts which they would like to put more eyes on by converting them into In Feed Ads or TopView Ads; the idea is to give already strong performing content an extra push, in order to escalate brand awareness and overall reach. This option could prove particularly beneficial for brands with a lower marketing budget or familiarity with the platform, who may not have the budget for original content creation for paid ad campaigns. 

It’s undeniable that this new feature will pose new opportunities for brands and creators alike, as well as it aligning with TikTok’s whole advertising ethos of ‘make TikToks not ads’ due to the fact that the advertisements which are the most successful are those that slide into users news feeds seamlessly and align with the content which they’re already being fed. Spark Ads will allow brands to showcase real people using their products in settings that users can relate to, i.e. a girl using her Olaplex products in her bathroom. While that might not cut it on other platforms, it’s been proven that TikTok has its own presentation style which works and provides valuable results; to put things simply, if you try duplicating what you’re doing on Facebook, it’s likely not going to be well received with a TikTok audience.