TikTok updates you should know about

TikTok is constantly updating its platform to cater for all audiences, evolve its current offerings and ensure people stay engrossed, and are retained on the platform instead of finding other platforms. We have collated some of the newest updates that may affect your experience, and that you should know about over the next few months.

TikTok Spark Ads

TikTok has introduced a brand new ad option called Spark Ads which essentially allows brands to boost existing organic videos with paid ad activity if they feel the video aligns with their campaign objectives. Creators on TikTok are redefining the entertainment industry, starting new trends and sharing products and services that they love and believe in with their evergrowing and loyal audiences. Spark Ads are allowing brands to tap into that and connect with creators who can help bring their products to life. 

Alternatively, brands can also boost their own organic posts which they would like to put more eyes on by converting them into In Feed Ads or TopView Ads; the idea is to give already strong performing content an extra push, in order to escalate brand awareness and overall reach. 

TikTok Shoutouts

TikTok has recently added a new option called ‘Shoutouts’ in the app. This enables fans to pay on the platform to have stars send them a personalized video message, or a ‘Shoutout’. This is a new take on what was once a big craze on Instagram, having friends and followers shoutout accounts in the hope to gain followers on your account.

Using TikToks own virtual currency that has been on the platform since last year, you can use ‘TikTok Coins’ to buy a personalised message from your favourite creators. The prices seem to be varying depending on the creator, but some people will probably pay whatever it takes just to be noticed and bridge the gap to their favorite creators.

This seems to be a ‘win win’ for the platform, allowing the user to be able to get more personal and build relationships with their favourite TikTok creators, and allowing creators to build another monetising content strand into their repertoire of work, keeping them on the platform. 

Removal of Creator Accounts

TikTok recently announced the removal of creator accounts, leaving just two options in a personal or business account. TikTok said in a recent email to its creators that “This change will simply reduce steps in accessing tools to help creators get the most out of their time on TikTok and does not impact your video or account performance.”

Existing creator accounts will be converted to personal accounts, with no change in access to creator tools, meaning that personal accounts will now have access to creator tools, features creators will be familiar with; Analytics, the Creator Portal, Promote and the Q&A features will all be available to personal accounts.

TikTok Stories 

TikTok have started to test stories on their platform to further increase engagement on profiles. The stories would disappear after 24 hours just like with the typical stories on other platforms, and would be displayed in a new collapsible side panel in the main feed. It will also embed a camera and creation flow making it easy to view and create stories.