NEW CLIENT: Ultra Chique Clinique

We’re really pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with Ultra Chique Clinique, a beauty salon offering the highest levels of service in the areas of beauty, remedial massage, spa and non-surgical treatments based within the Jury’s Inn Hotel in Middlesbrough.

A digital strategy for a post pandemic age

We were first approached by Carol Robinson, the owner of Ultra Chique Clinique, back in September 2020 after she had applied for the Back to Business Fund run by Tees Valley Business. Carol and her daughter Jess who work as a mother-daughter duo in the salon had decided that their business needed some professional support in order for further growth and development coming out of lockdown.

Nothing in a silo – multichannel approach to beauty.

After some research we could see a lot of their competitors had a confusing user experience – simply put, it was bloody hard to find the thing you might want – a treatment!

In working with Ultra Chique Clinique, we identified key elements of their business that their current site wasn’t fulfilling. We discussed the impacts of the pandemic and how an e-commerce store backed with a full digital strategy would help them to introduce new revenue streams.

As well as this, we have worked to improve their social media profiles, implement online advertising and online retail, alongside a full redevelopment of their website.

While functional, their existing website was in need of a revamp in order to make things such as their online booking portal easily accessible for clients, while showcasing their beautiful salon and the treatments that they offer and providing important information about their services.

Our brilliant designer and photographer, Harry, took a trip to the salon to take some high-quality imagery with the aim to encapsulate the ambience and aura of the spaces where treatments are carried out.

We were also tasked with boosting their online retail; before lockdown, they were able to sell products to their clients within the salon and Carol wanted to make this possible in absence of the salon being in operation. Within the redevelopment of the website, we added a ‘shop’ section, allowing customers to make purchases of products in just a few quick clicks and creating a new revenue stream for Ultra Chique Clinique. 

The team at Colehouse have truly enjoyed working on this project so far and look forward to working with Carol and Jess beyond the Back to Business Fund in order to support them further with boosting their social media channels! Check Ultra Chique Clinique out: