An Unforgettable New Client

We’re proud to be working with Unforgettable Experiences. Launched in 2020, Unforgettable Experiences aim to provide creative, interactive and practical support to support older people with dementia, those with neurological conditions and their carers to access arts, culture and heritage based activities as an alternative model of care.

From the onset of working with Unforgettable Experiences, we have supported them in managing their social media calendar across various platforms with consistent posting and reimagined design work, suited for their target audience. Listening to Unforgettable Experiences personal marketing aims, we adjusted the social messaging to encourage registrations to their online interactive classes, as well as sign ups to become a Digital Buddy volunteer.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Unforgettable Experiences with a redevelopment of their existing website; while functional, their website was in need of some TLC after coronavirus restrictions left them with no choice but to move their service offerings online. Our job has been to make the new website fit for purpose, making it simple for people to make initial contact with the Unforgettable Experiences team as well as accessing important information and supporting with a monthly newsletter.

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