Link in bio: Creating Our Own Linktree Alternative

Error – you cant have a linktree.

We’ve recently upped our game a little on Instagram, and as many people on the platform have discovered, you cannot link out from the newsfeed and until you hit 10k followers you cannot swipe up from stories to link to things. 

We have recommended to some over the years to use Linktree to get around that, but it seems for the last few months new attempts to add Linktree to your bio are resulting in an error message and no joy. 

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a free online tool used for optimising your instagram traffic. It’s a free service that can be used across many different social media platforms, and is used to drive your followers directly to your content, your social medias, and anything else that you produce as a content creator, business or individual.

Why use it?

One of the main reasons as to why Linktree became so popular is because of the single link it provides, housing all of your content. Instagram is generally where Linktree became most popular, and you may have seen the hashtag, #linkinbio circulating on the platform. 

As we’ve said above, on Instagram you cannot link from any individual post, and you can only link from one place: your Instagram bio. For those people who have lots of content outside the site, this can be quite difficult, as you are constantly changing the link in your Instagram bio. Linktree is a bio link tool, which means you are given a unique URL to contain everything you want your personalised Linktree to link to.

What was our problem?

As part of our website, we also wanted to use Linktree to make it easier for users to find and access any of our content. Unfortunately, Linktree was banned due to high levels of spam abuse, and we could no longer use the service. It was then we began researching for a solution to our problem, and what we could or create that would provide the same kind of service Linktree had done for so long.

Our Linktree Alternative

After doing some research, we decided that we could essentially create our own Linktree using wordpress, and provide our mobile users with a bio link which housed all of our content within it. The first step was to create a page on wordpress, add the background colour and add our company logo. To keep things concise, we used the same logo that we are currently using on Instagram. The next step was to add in all of our links, starting with a CTA button and some featured boxes. Using a blog widget, five blog links were also added and this in turn created a solution for updating the links; as the new blogs would get uploaded, so would the widget, so there would be no need to constantly change the links.

Do you need the same?

If you would like to have your own links page created for your Instagram bio, feel free to contact us and we can create one for you.