Instagram adds 60s length functionality to Reels

After months of testing and deliberation on the matter, Instagram has finally opened the door for all users to be able to access the 60s limit for Reels on their platform, as more Instagram rivals enter the short video space.

After extending the reel times from 15 to 30 seconds last September, Instagram has been testing the amount of time given to content creators to utilise on their platform. Added pressure from competitors such as TikTok and Youtube with increases of up to 3 minutes per video accordingly has meant Instagram has had to push on with increasing the amount of time available on their platform.

With TikTok seemingly leading the way in terms of short video content, and a plethora of content being uploaded cross platforms from TikToks UX, its opens the door for content creators to do a similar thing with up to 60s of content, that can be duplicated across multiple platforms. 

Instagram is definitely exploring and putting effort into the Reels experience, with tests to incorporate the experience into the explore page, and putting it more in the forefront of the Instagram experience.

Will you be using Reels now? Do you already use Reels? We will see what the future holds for Reels, but for now, users get to enjoy added times for their Reels content.