Tips for Working from Home during the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the unexpected and unparalleled outbreak of the coronavirus, many people are finding themselves with no option but to work from home. If you’re new to working remotely, follow our simple tips to help boost your productivity levels, sustain a healthy work-life balance and nurture professional relationships. 


Keep your Routine

We all know the struggle. When you’re cooped up in the house all day every day, it’s difficult to maintain the regular Monday to Friday routine that we’re so used to. To feel better in yourself and boost your work output, be sure to get out of those pyjamas you’ve been living in for the past two days straight, take a shower and have breakfast to fuel you for your day ahead! 



Pick up the Phone

Be sure to take the time out of your day to pick up the phone and engage in real conversations with your colleagues. Relaying between instant messaging and email threads can be monotonous and time-consuming; a quick phone call is undisputedly more stimulating and far more productive! You’ll get things done faster and more effectively with a simple phone call, and plus, it’s always nice to take the time to have a quick catch up with your teammates! 



Be Proud of your Achievements 

Often, with the lack of a dedicated working space, distraction from family members and a general absence of structure to your day, working from home isn’t always the easiest of feats. That’s why it’s really important to reward yourself for each small success. Managed to create schedules and to-do lists to organise your time more efficiently? Avoided the gravitational pull of your cute *yet extremely needy* pet and your cosy, warm bed? All of these small successes help you to work from home more effectively, so make sure to take note of them and be proud of your achievements! 



Take a Break

It’s important to have a routine when working remotely so that your work doesn’t soon become mind-numbing. Try doing your work in blocks to lessen the strain. Research has shown that short breaks throughout the day are more beneficial than less frequent, longer breaks, so after completing one task, try taking a quick break before moving on to the next. Remember not to stay glued to your computer screen all day. Make a point of getting up from your desk regularly and moving around to keep you physically and mentally awake!



Has your business been affected by Coronavirus?

Every company is going to need a bespoke strategy. To find out what yours is, get in touch.