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Pro Tip: Use Native Social Media Features

We are constantly asked about the next big thing in social and our top recommendations to ‘beat the algorithm’ and we have given the same answer time and time again over the years – it’s simple – use as many native tools and features as you can. 

What is a Native Social Media Feature

By now, you will have noticed that there are new feature roll outs constantly. This is something we test constantly at Colehouse to see how things work, but more importantly, to see if it helps us gain more reach. 

A native social media feature could be something big like when Instagram rolled out Reels as an answer to the astronomical growth of TikTok. However, it can be something smaller, sticking with Reels, as in an editing feature within the content creation process. 

A Crash Course In Social Media algorithms. 

By now you will know that everything you do as a business on social media is at the mercy of the algorithm gods. The death of social media reach has long been documented as each platform grows it’s advertising presence, it makes sense that they will allow you to reach less people for free year on year in an attempt to get you to pay for that reach. 

Most businesses and marketers understand that, but sometimes that’s where it stops. 

There is always a natural hierarchy in terms of lower and higher engagement content. Here is summary from a recent strategy doc we produced for a client of the general landscape in 2023. 

What we can say without fail is that testing new features, almost always gives you a little algorithm boost. Think about it. Somewhere in some shiny tech office there is a product manager who has been working on this new thing, they want it to be successful, they are going to make sure there is a little algorithm boost for their new thing. 

You just have to try to find creative ways of using it. Or work with people that have already been testing it 😉

Hope that helps!