Flat Caps Coffee Launch New E-Commerce Focussed Site

With the unprecedented nationwide shutdown of the hospitality industry due to the catastrophic effects of the outbreak of coronavirus, our long term client Flat Caps Coffee knew that they needed to make some quick changes to their business model in order to stay connected with their customers and keep their presence alive in preparation for when restrictions eventually lifted.

A few years ago, we helped set up a shop within the original website we built for Flat Caps, however it was never intended to be an online store. We wanted to create a seamless shopping experience for Flat Caps’ online customers to enjoy, and shift the focus of the website to being predominantly an online store, which also provided visitors with key information of how to find the physical store, as well as the food and drinks menu ready for the store’s reopening. 

Turning to the world of e-commerce in more recent months, we have worked closely with our client to implement a full website redevelopment, revamping creatively and structurally to enhance Flat Caps’ existing website elements and incorporating new design ideas to increase online sales, website traffic and basket value, creating an entirely new revenue stream for our client. 

Making the shift from Flat Caps’ original website to e-commerce builder Shopify allowed us to fully redesign, update and manage the clients store across multiple online sales channels, including web, mobile and popular social media platforms. When building the site we had the clients ease of use at the forefront, ensuring that the Flat Caps team could eventually have greater control over stock and offers, with a beautifully designed, intuitive website fully designed to generate sales.

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