Data4Good Festival

Working collaboratively to ensure event success for the Data4Good Festival

We had the pleasure of being a part of Data4Good Festival 2021, a three day virtual event that included over 70 speakers. The festival is designed to help social sector organisations make better use of their data. We were brought in towards the end of the planning stage for the event with the need for our social media and community management services, before and during the event. 

What was the brief?

We were recruited in the run up to the event with a focus on generating ticket sales and spreading awareness of the different sessions that were happening on each of the three days. Working with the event team, Giselle Cory (DataKind UK) andSophie Flanagan (Beaconhouse Events) we were able to pin down the main objectives and expected results for the conference. 

We introduced a few more elements to the brief and adapted to the client’s preferred process of content gathering throughout the event. Our remit also covered creating social media content and assets for each individual speaker session, and the community management of the social feed throughout the event, from posting critical statements from the sessions, to monitoring the hashtag and interacting with the social media audience.

What were the results?

  • 1,335 tweets
  • 605 original tweets
  • 250k impressions
  • 1.5 million potential reach

These results made us extremely proud of the work the team put into this event despite being called in to assist quite close to the festival date. We gained over 250k impressions across the period of working on this event, with over 600 tweets sent out. We were able to promote tickets and boost awareness of sessions, alongside showcasing the calibre and expertise of the speakers via quote images and related copy.

The Data4Good Festival isn’t over just yet though. The Data4Good Festival Fringe is a series of events across the month of May 2021, run by external partners under the Data4Good Festival umbrella. We saw so much positive feedback and such a motivating and inspiring atmosphere generated from the festival and delegates certainly get enormous value from participating.