Worldwide Success With Mini Games Launch

Back in June 2020 we announced our ongoing work with a new client, Vocabulary Ninja, a digital startup which promotes the importance of vocabulary within the modern education curriculum, whilst equipping schools with the strategies, resources and most importantly, the mindset to make vocabulary a priority in schools. 

Since then, we’ve been working on some big things; our help in a full website redevelopment for Vocabulary Ninja supported a five-figure uptick in year-on-year sales and a 35% increase in annual subscriptions to the service. Following this success, we began working with Andrew Jennings, the founder of Vocabulary Ninja, to create a series of e-learning mini-games for use at home and in the classroom. 

Commenting on the mini games, Andrew said: “We knew that we needed to adapt to remote learning and The Vocabulary Ninja Mini-Games provide everyone, with no exclusions, access to the highest quality educational games from a reputable provider, delivering games underpinned by sound teaching pedagogy.”.

The Vocabulary Ninja Mini Games launched on January 27th 2021. The response has been astounding, with large influxes of users keen to play the games and over 70,000 plays of the games since the launch.

Dom Baker, mini games Creative and Project Director here at Colehouse, said: “Our whole job was to create the best way to learn by doing, based on Andrew’s methods. What better way to do that than a game that’s interactive and playable, but also has that important learning method hardwired throughout, so for us, the most successful outcome was that a teacher or pupil could pick it up, get stuck straight in, play and walk away having taught or learnt something and just keep coming back for more”.

We’ve been truly blown away by the amazing feedback and support we have received from users of the mini games. Plus, it’s so rewarding to see the games being used in live action in classrooms around the country.

Managing Director of Colehouse Communications, Steven Cole, said “Ultimately, we want the games to contribute to the amazing work that schools do and improve the life chances of every student, both in the UK and around the world.”.