Ultra Chique Clinique

Building a new and improved website, digital strategy with social media content and strategic insight.

Client: Ultra Chique Clinique
Date: February 15, 2021
Services: Website, Digital Strategy, Social Media

The Start

Increase the profile of the business and improving on the current digital streams for Ultra Chique Clinique 

After an initial scoping session the overarching aim for the project was to increase the profile of the business, improving on the current digital streams. The objective for this project was the following:

  1. To build a new and improved website that adds an integrated e-commerce platform.
  2. Aid with digital strategy and transformation.
  3. Social media content and strategic insight. 
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Client: Ultra Chique Clinique
Date: February 15, 2021
Services: Website, Digital Strategy, Social Media


From the initial scoping session we then created the comprehensive strategy and tactics involved for the project. We did some initial research in the industry and the result of this was seeing a lot of competitors and industry leaders had confusing user experiences with brands, also not using their own photography to celebrate their brand and instead using stock photography, eliminating any personal touch to the sites. 


Our approach was simple, Literally. Create a UX that accommodates for the user and the brand in a simple yet effective format that takes into consideration the customer journey. Also, from the result of  seeing a lot of stock photography in the industry, we provided a bank of high quality photography that was used as part of the site design to give it that personal touch.

What We Did 

  1. – Marketing Tool Kit
  2. – Full marketing / CX review
  3. – Film and photography package over 1000
  4. – Brand new website with e-commerce integration


After iteration between us and the client to ensure client satisfaction, we produced a website fit for purpose that also included a new revenue channel for the brand. We also produced a month’s worth of quality social content and creative that can be used. We provided a strategy session that helps the client understand principles and techniques for digital strategy. Finally, we produced a bank of over 1000 high quality images that the client can use at their disposal.