Thinking Digital

Working on all aspects of the Thinking Digital Conference in collaboration with the founding team

Client: Thinking Digital
Date: July 10, 2019
Services: Strategy, Social Media, Web development, Campaign

What did we do?

Since 2016 we’ve worked on all aspects of the Thinking Digital Conference in collaboration with the founding team. From redeveloping their website to help tell the story of the event and sell more tickets, developing print content, to creating live content during the event we have delivered a wide range of services. 

Digital Brand Asset Design

We've developed the end to end digital strategy 2016-2019

Social Media Content

1000's of pieces of content developed across Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and Facebook

Video Marketing Strategy

Millions of minutes watched each year across the globe helping raise the profile of the event and increase ticket sales.

Website & Content Development

Full web development and content management, design and deployment since 2016.

Sponsors and Partners often mention our approach to digital marketing, Steve and the team have done a great job developing that to where it is now

Emma Turnbull Executive Producer

Having worked alongside Steve and the team on numerous events, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing first hand the immense impact that their approach has on engagement, impact, and brand recognition.

Thomas Jackson Creative Director

Why should you care?

We’re incredibly proud to have worked on this event in collaboration with the founder and executive producer over the last few years. Some of the highlights include…

% Growth in YouTube Subscribers
million digital impressions
% Traffic increased