OddsMonkey x Betfair

Driving hype, building trust and increasing users through social content.

OddsMonkey are a Matched Betting service and long term client who made an industry first ‘one-click’ partnership with one of the most trusted and largest gambling companies in the industry, ‘Betfair’.

Client: OddsMonkey
Date: July 27, 2017
Services: Paid Social Media, Strategy


Celebrating a historical partnership

We were asked to help celebrate this historic partnership through social content and paid media to highlight how the new product would work for existing users and most importantly to use it as a hook for new users. 

Trust in Matched Betting is notoriously low so using a partnership like this was vital to help grow their community and acquire new customers. 

We were asked to maximise this partnership via digital channels and lead on a multichannel strategy. 


Leading a multichannel approach to drive user acquisition.

Using our multi channel marketing framework we worked with the internal team across Web, Email, Social, and Influencers and Media to create a launch campaign to firstly reach existing users to inform and enable them to attract new potential users. 

Betfair was as big a trust signal as you could get so we empowered users, partners, blogs and influencers to promote the partnership. 


During our initial campaign 1000’s of existing customers opted in to the new integration and we drove 1000’s of new customers to sign jump for OddsMonkey.

% increase in Engagement
% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition