Leaders Live

A UK first, live stream event with UK political parties and a live studio audience of celebrities and online influencers.

Working along-side Twitter and ITV News, we were able to deliver a UK first live stream event with all leaders of the main political parties to an audience of young people to engage them in politics. We provided world class social media content to help bring each live stream to life, educating and engaging young and first time voters in the run up to each stream, and encouraging real-time questioning throughout.

Client: Bite The Ballot
Date: 2014-10-11
Services: Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, PR
Photography: Harry Hitchens


Create a world first live stream debate to connect a so-called ‘disconnected youth’ to politicians.

Collaborating with an incredibly small team with representatives from ITV, SBTV, Bite The Ballot, Twitter and many online Influencers we delivered the UK’s first live stream event with all leaders of the main political parties to an audience of young people to engage them in politics.


Over 500 pieces of content developed and deployed to change voter apathy.

We were responsible for helping to define the overall strategy and leading on the comms and digital / social content side of the project.

  • Press / Political Party Digital Team / Partner Liaison
  • Content Research / Creation / Development / Deployment
  • Social / Digital / Email Strategy
  • Community Management / Development
  • Managing Live Digital War Room During Events
  • Event Strategy & Development


The event was a live stream of the leaders of each major British political party with a small audience of influential young people. The young people ranged from well known television presenters to pop stars and youtube content creators with 100,000’s of followers, subscriber etc.

We briefed the political party social and PR teams to ensure that they could promote the show to their existing members and drive more people to the livestream. Surprisingly we even managed to get 3 out of 5 leaders to tweet about Leaders Live on the day of the launch!

We managed a major social media advertising budget, and promoted trend as part of the Twitter partnership kick-starting the public campaign and garnering interest from the press and even the CEO of Twitter himself!


#LeadersLive was covered in all major UK publications, and went on to be nominated for several awards.

  • 1.5 million minutes of the Leaders live content watched to date
  • 80 million impressions (unique people) engaged via social media for Leaders Live.
  • 20,000 #LeadersLive mentions
  • 15,000 comments on Leaders live YouTube videos
  • 22 minutes average dwell time on the Live Stream
  • Leaders Live content viewed in 120 countries
  • 88% of viewers from the UK