Digital Launch for Major Brand Partnership

‘DeCafe’, (pronounced de-kaff), an abbreviation of democracy café, is our re-invigoration of the 17th century practice of communities coming together in coffee shops and tea houses to discuss issues.

We were tasked to create engaging social media and digital assets to be used to drive awareness of new brand partnership with Starbucks. Working alongside the internal creative team to design, produce, and deploy social media content and print assets to be displayed at the inaugural event featuring the recently launched Verto.

Client: Bite The Ballot x Starbucks
Date: April 1, 2017
Services: Social Media, Influencer Marketing

Social, Print, Influencers.

We created visual assets bringing to life the recently launched Verto App, to be distributed across social media and physically displayed at the inaugural Decafe event in partnership with Starbucks. Selected influencers and Bite The Ballot ambassadors distributed content to encourage further use of Verto and to celebrate the launch of Decafe.


We incorporated questions directly from the Verto app to show the range of topics covered and how accessible and easy having an opinion in politics can be. We also elements of the Verto UX to help people understand quickly that it was a swipe left or right to agree or disagree.