Bring It On

Strategy, Social Media and Web Development to fit expectations of the client and work to generate awareness and interest of Bring It On.

Client: BeaconHouse Events
Date: April 14, 2021
Services: Website Development, Social Media, Marketing

01. The Brief

We have worked with Bring It On North East – an engineering event aimed at Primary and Secondary school pupils – since 2020 when we were brought in to support them on the virtual edition of the event during the pandemic when the in-person one couldn’t go ahead. Each year working on the project has been different  as the team worked towards returning to the in-person version in 2022.


Virtual Bring It On 2020 was an online programme of inspirational video content aimed at 9-14 year olds informing young people across the North East about the engineering opportunities available to them in the future.

Each episode showcased a different leading North East engineering company. We released the episodes weekly on the Bring It On website and featured a diverse range of North East company’s engineers talking about their role and what to expect from that specific type of engineering.

The shows uncovered the real people behind North East engineering and providing students with an opportunity to picture their future selves in those roles.

We created social media posts to build anticipation for, promote and launch these episodes and shine a spotlight on the companies involved in each video. 

We have kept the site simple and easy to navigate and made sure all the key information is accessible, taking into consideration various different user journeys. 

Brand Refresh


Following the success of the virtual programme in 2020 we helped to build on this, playing our part in creating a bigger and more interactive version. The live, online event allowed pupils to take part from their classrooms with over 8000 students registered for the event!

In line with the existing brand guidelines, Colehouse build a brand new website which hosted content about the previous incarnations of the event, made this information more accessible and highlighted the success of each year.




Bring It On made a successful return to a live, in-person exhibition in 2022. 

Across two days, 1518 students from 91 schools were welcomed to the event to meet with approximately 50 exhibitors. 

We used social media to encourage sign ups to the event, engage with the companies and schools involved, share memories of the previous year and also communicate with with those students that couldn’t attend so that they could be a part of the event.

approx impressions created during the event days
impressions were generated from Twitter activity in the month of the event
specifically from the event days
% increase in Twitter impressions when compared with 2021

04. Results

After a collaborative process between our team and the client, we produced a website fit for purpose that speaks to all audiences accessing the site.

Working on the site we have highlighted the heritage of the site while making information super accessible. People can now easily find out more about engineering companies in the north east as well as more information on the event and how they can partner and we’re working with them to develop teaching resources to help further inspire children all year round.