Welcome To The Team: Alina Bux

Alina is one of the newest members of the team here at Colehouse Communications. She joined us at the beginning of September and has been a great asset to the team already in the month she has been here. She is currently completing her apprenticeship in software development with us and has enjoyed getting to know the ins and out of the role whilst learning at the same time.

At school, Alina studied triple science, geography and health and social care for her GCSE’s along with her other subjects. She picked triple science, as her original plan was to get into the medical field at college and university. However, although this wasn’t the field she went for in the end, it was still a subject she enjoyed. 

After finishing school, she moved to college and began studying Psychology, Health and Social Care and English Literature. Although she did plan on doing something within the medical sector, she decided on pursuing English and going towards education, as this was something she did voluntarily outside of college and English was a subject that she  had enjoyed since secondary school.

However, towards the end of her college career when the Covid-19 pandemic happened, she had a lot of free time to think about what she would be doing after college. Her dad introduced her to software development and the opportunities a career like this could bring her. Having gone down various paths in the past, she then decided to do her own research and found that this was in fact something she enjoyed and began to pursue it by completing free courses online. After this, she began applying for apprenticeships because she believes in a career like this, the best way to learn is to actually do it, and learn as you go along. Which has led her to an apprenticeship with us at Colehouse. 

Here are Alina’s views on a whole range of questions to get to know her even better: 

What advice would you give your younger self?

I’d tell my younger self to not worry about sticking to one thing because there is so much out there, and there is something for everyone. Sometimes your original plan is not the best one, and it’s never your only option so don’t be afraid of pursuing something you’ve never done before.

How do you motivate yourself in your career?

I think about the journey it’s taken me to get to where I am and all the choices I’ve made. Thinking about the way I used to struggle choosing a career path, and now actually doing something I enjoy is always motivating and proof that things do eventually fall into place and it’s just a case of trusting the process.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I like the fact that I can work from home some days. It’s not a job that restricts you to one place or one particular thing, and there’s a lot of creativity involved. 

Would you say you’re more of an extrovert or an introvert?

I’d say I’m more of an introvert most of the time, however, sometimes I can see myself as an extrovert depending on the situation. I think I have a mix of both. 

What’s your favourite season and why?

My favourite season is definitely Autumn, because of the atmosphere, the warm clothes and the cold nights.

What are your pet peeves.

My biggest pet peeve is definitely bad eating habits.