Insights: Why?

As you may have noticed recently on our socials or on our site, we launched our Insights email which is a monthly newsletter providing you with a collection of contemporary marketing insights, analysis, opinion and data in one place for you to digest at your leisure. We do the digging, you do the reading. 

Issue 2 will be out at the end of this month, so if you missed out on the first issue of Insights, make sure to subscribe this time round for the second dose of content.

Why did we start Insights?

At Colehouse, we understand that collaboration, especially within the Digital and Technology sector is crucial for success, especially in a challenging time for all. We saw an opportunity to showcase the constant evolution of the marketing world whilst helping businesses through a monthly newsletter collating the most relevant content in five main categories we see as most valuable to the reader:

  1. Insights and Analysis 
  2. Platform Updates
  3. Data 
  4. Tools

Having the most interesting and valuable content in one place reduces search time for the reader, and you leave it to us to filter through and find the best and most important content in the world of marketing.

Want to get involved? 

There are opportunities for guests to be involved in our monthly newsletters. If you would like to contribute to the next edition of Insights, do not hesitate to contact us.