How important is getting Email Marketing right in today’s society?

Anyone else get bombarded with Emails when you purchase a product, or sign up for their latest offers? It’s no coincidence that Email Marketing is still very popular because it provides a direct connection between you and the audience you are targeting. However, gaining the privilege to be in contact with a potential customer through email is not something to take lightly and should be done in the right way, especially in a time when the attention span of the customer is very low and you only have a few seconds to make an impression.

A new report from EmailToolTesters showcases a plethora of information about how important Email Marketing is for businesses trying to convert engagement into purchase decisions. From the study there are some key stats, one being 50% of the world’s population use email, that’s just under 4 billion people, so to not take this into consideration in your marketing strategies could mean you are missing out on a large audience. Also conducted in the first stage of the study which should be highlighted is the fact 50% of people buy from marketing emails each month with 59% of emails influencing purchase decisions.

The second part of the study has one main takeaway, and that Welcome Email open rates far outweigh other types of emails at 82%, in comparison, newsletters are at 20% open rate and triggered emails at 44%. Further to this, on average 25% click through on welcome emails which is high compared with other marketing strategy campaigns. It denotes first impressions count when conducting Email Marketing, and that the first stages are critical to retention and purchase decisions going forward. 

The third area of the study which is important to showcase is in relation to content and placement. Adding personalisation to your emails gives a 22% boost to the open rate, and optimising for desktop is also a good way to boost open rate offering a 52% increase on mobile. Using images and headers also helps to boost open rates