Helpouts Are The Future Of Digital Customer Service

Samsung has taken the customer experience to the next level to now offer live customer support on Helpouts by Google.

Helpouts were launched a few months back. It is a system whereby you can book time with experts across many different fields and learn new techniques and skills, on a Google Hangout format.

When Helpouts launched it seemed that it was more geared towards freelance experts that wanted to make extra income and increase their reach of potential customers. The move made by Samsung signals the more commercial side (for Google at least) of the Helpout strategy.

Samsung SPOT is Smart Personal Online Training. With Samsung SPOT on Helpouts by Google, you’re able to interact real-time with Samsung product experts to receive important how-to information and troubleshooting assistance, all over live video.


This is a whole new channel of customer service. This is a big change and will now be an alternative to large corporations who have so far relied on call centres. Many people will prefer the face to face nature of the helpout as for many years we have all complained about the touch tone call centre approach.

I believe this is a game changer in digital customer service and it will be interesting to see which other companies get on board in the coming months.

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