Google Plus Is Not A Ghost Town

TechCrunch is a well respected blog in the social media / digital tech world, however they caused a bit of a storm this week by once again labelling Google Plus a Ghost Town.  We do not wish to link away to the article as we are firmly under the assumption that this and other similar articles are just click bait.

Google Plus has managed to build not only the most beautiful social media platform, but also one that has more active users than Twitter, in only 3 years.

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Many influential Gplussers wrote excellent rebuttals to the TechCruch piece, and we would recommend reading the following for a more rounded view of the truth;

One of the main problems people have with Google Plus is that they find it hard to build a following, and many misunderstand what the platform is all about.  Google Plus for us is somewhere you build an extremely targeted audience and ANYONE can get engagement from day one, if they know what they are doing.

If you are brand new to Google Plus and want some material to read or something to help then please check this out.  Courtesy of Denis Labelle we have the most comprehensive introduction to Google Plus we have ever found.

Importantly, some research released earlier this week by Shareaholic shows that Google Plus (along with Linkedin) are the best platforms for post-click engagement.



If you want some really simple advice check out our 5 simple and basic tips to get instant Google Plus engagement: