Google Launch + Posts Ads For Those Who Have Invested Time In G+

+ Post Ads

Google announced yesterday the roll out of + posts for Google Plus pages or people with over 1000 followers.  Accounts can now chose to have a post from their Google Plus page appear in the Google display network as an interactive advert.  Other exciting functionality announced is the ability to have your last post automatically used and the ability to have a Hangout On Air as a +post.

People and brands with over 1000 followers can now take advantage of +Post Ads

As a long time fan of Google Plus, I really like the fact that Google have only allowed this functionality for accounts with over 1000 followers.  I think this is great as it is rewarding people and brands that have actually spent time nurturing their community on Google Plus. Many businesses and marketing managers over the world will hopefully be asking more questions when it comes to the Google Plus strategy of the business.

Many weaker community managers who have hidden away from tackling Google Plus will now be faced with having to learn it’s complexities, whereas many brands who have been quietly plugging away in the background will be reaping the rewards from now on.

This is not Facebook

The beauty of the +post ad is that is is not on platform.  It takes posts from your page and displays them in relevant areas across the web, in the exact same way display and banner advertising has done for years. With the added benefit of the advert now being interactive from many different points.


The same post can be seen

  • On the brand page
  • In stream
  • In banner ad
  • Embedded in a blog post

So engagement can be driven from many different areas, spreading the same well crafted message and helping your content go further.

This is a much better solution than the interruptive Facebook model which is forced into your feed spoiling your experience.  It will be interesting to see the change in brand activity on the channel as this news filters through marketing departments and agencies over the coming weeks and months.

I think you will agree it is a good move from Google.


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