Creating a Digital Brand Story

To often there is a gap in brand promise and advertising.

A Brand Story That Inspires

People connect with stories. People relate to information in different ways, the best way to convey information to people is trough a story.  This isn’t a revelation, as a species we are designed to tell and hear stories. Brands that understand this core idea will perform better than others.

Start with the why.  most businesses get this wrong.  Most leaders get this wrong. This is possibly one of the most important videos you may watch in your career.

People want to be part of your story. Based on a recent study conducted by Edelmen there are several learnings.  The research showed that customers desired the following from brands.

  • Shared history
  • Shared dialogue
  • Shared goals
  • Shared products
  • Shared values
  • Shared experiences
Brands that connect to their customers in this way show a higher purchase intent and give higher NPS scores. A key finding was that brands must be more open to crowd-sourcing their product development with 91% of customers wanting to participate in co creation of products.

Brand story-telling in a digital age

Find the human story.

Looking at this video featuring Angela Ahrendts (at the time) CEO of Burberry.  Burberry have clearly put digital at the centre of their brand story.  They wanted everything they did to have energy. Rather interestingly they have also immersed the brand story into their corporate culture in a digital and compelling way

Stories help establish your authority and humanise your brand

  • You need to be passionate – how do your core values transcend trough your business?
  • Tell your History – Tell your story!
  • Animate People – Use your team, use your advertising but use human connection.  Humans like dealing with humans.
  • Demonstrate your Projects & Products – client relationships, brand partnerships, new products, Innovation, stories Help Your Audience Better Understand Complex Ideas.
  • Bang your DRUM: Successes – never, ever be afraid to tell people why you are amazing.  Bragging with no substance is bad, but when you are good at something, highlight it!  Try to tell the story of your customers.  If you have helped someone succeed there is no better story to connect with your potential customers.
  • U.S.P. – You are great at something.  This is why you have a business.  That thing you are great at, tell people.

Storytelling one frame at a time. Videos are shared 12 times more than photos. Use social media to activate your brand story.  Make sure you have a structured approach and a content calendar to ensure your story threads through your social activity.

By Steven Cole (Director of Colehouse Communications)