Colehouse Announces Strategic Marketing Partnership with The QT

We are thrilled to announce that Colehouse has partnered with The QT, a new online media platform dedicated to delivering quality regional journalism to the North East. This exciting collaboration brings together The QT’s commitment to insightful and independent journalism with Colehouse’s strategic marketing expertise, paving the way for a dynamic launch and sustained growth.

About The QT The QT is not just another media platform; it’s a beacon for high-quality journalism in the digital age. With a mission to deliver in-depth and unbiased news, The QT is set to become the go-to source for the North East community, offering content that engages, inspires, and informs. By focusing on issues that matter most to the region and presenting them through a local lens, The QT ensures that readers receive relevant, thought-provoking journalism that truly resonates.

Our Role in The QT’s Journey At Colehouse, we are passionate about driving impactful digital marketing strategies. Our team is honoured to support The QT as it establishes itself as a trusted voice in regional journalism. From strategic marketing planning to innovative digital campaigns, we will be leveraging our expertise to ensure The QT’s successful launch and continued growth.

As Steve Cole, founder and CEO of Colehouse, expressed: “I am so excited about this one. ???? I’m very proud to say Colehouse will be working on the launch and growth of The QT, a new online media platform for the North East with a mission to deliver quality regional journalism, along with Laura Richards FCIPR.”

Looking Forward Our collaboration with The QT embodies our commitment to championing impactful and meaningful projects. Together, we’re poised to create a lasting impact on how the North East consumes news, bridging the gap between traditional journalism values and modern digital engagement.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey, and join us as we help shape the future of regional journalism with The QT.