Circloscope: Social Media Software Review

What is it: Circloscope (not an affiliate) is a web based Google Plus analytics and growth tool.
Cost: $47 annual covers one personal page and three business pages (£28 at time of writing)

This review was written a 10 days after we activated our Circlescope account.

circlescope logo review

After using circloscope for just over a week the results have been fantastic.  I am using the tool to grow a targeted following and develop business accounts I manage professionally on platform.

Personal Circloscope use

In just seven days I managed to increase my own personal following by 15%.  I was really pleased with this as the people who were following me were part of my niche and it has also lead to an increase on engagement of my general public posts.

The tool has allowed me to tap into people who are in my sector, and crucially, are currently active on the platform.

Business Circloscope use

One of the most frustrating things I have experienced on Google Plus is the difficulty to build a targeted following for my business page. We have always shared relevant, well written content, but connecting to people with the little time we have for our own marketing (as many agencies will relate to) has been difficult.  This is now no longer an issue thanks to Circloscope (and no they didn’t pay me to say that!). Using the similar techniques to my personal account I have managed to grow my business page from 71 followers to over 200 in just a few days.

Top Tip

If you want quick results from using Circloscope I would use “engagers on a specific posts” feature.

circlescope screenshot

This for me is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth. By using this option you can select individual posts on G+ that people have engaged with (your own or any other post on the platform) and follow each person who has engaged with it.  By doing this you can target topics and niches that you are interested in / post about.

When you are doing any kind of reciprocal following technique in social media it is largely dependant on finding people who match you and your interests (hence why the above feature is so important and powerful).

I would stress that the results I have achieved will be in large part down to the fact that I post to a high quality and really frequently on Google Plus, my profile is complete and in depth so if someone wanted to check me out before they followed me back, all of the information is there — it is clear to see what you will get by following me on G+.


I would highly recommend using Circloscope.  It is an easy to learn and has been really effective for me.  Again I would like to stress that I have had fantastic results but I believe this is down to using this tool along side a strong Google Plus strategy – was I to use this to spam or game the system I don’t think you would get the same kind of results at all.