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We have been busy: Company Update

We have been extremely busy over the last six weeks working with some new and very exciting clients and we wanted to let you in on some of the campaigns and plans coming up we are working on.  Our recent work has took us into the weird and wonderful worlds of politics, news, gambling,and celebrities, and we are just dying to share a little bit of what has been going on.

Bite The Ballot


Bite the ballot are a new client working in the area of youth engagement in politics.  It is no secret that many of us are disillusioned with politicians and non more so than the youngest of us, so we have been tasked with engaging more British youth in politics. Bite The Ballot are an extremely successful organisation that have been lead fearlessly from the front by Michael Sani for over 4 years and their achievements on such little budget and resource are nothing short of amazing.

Tinie2  Jamal  Eliza

So how are we involved?

With the 2015 election less than a year away we have been asked to support the digital strategies that are in place spanning across social, video and influencer engagement. There are a lot of really cool parts to working with these guys, but coming very shortly we will be able to share an amazing video / commercial filmed and directed by Harry Hitchens and Alex Odam of Lyncombe Collective, featuring Jamal Edwards, Eliza Doolittle, Laura Whitmore and even a cheeky cameo from Colehouse founder Steve Cole (subject to edit!!) that was shot in London showing just how your life can change by registering to vote.  The video should be ready in the next week or so and we are so excited to share it with you.

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How can I find out more about Bite The Ballot?

Website: www.bitetheballot.co.uk
Twitter: @BiteTheBallot

Mecca Bingo


Mecca Bingo are part of the Rank Group, a £600 million turnover entertainment business in the UK.  Probably the most recognisable bingo company across mobile, web and of course on the high street, Colehouse are working with the highly skilled in house PR and digital team.

So how are we involved?

We have been working closely with the in house team on a campaign that will launch at the end of the month focusing around their core brands values and signalling the launch of a strong YouTube brand strategy.


Bite News


Bite News is a brand new exciting project formed between Bite The Ballot, SBTV and Jamal Edwards.  It is a new YouTube channel aimed at making the news more accessible and understandable to young audiences.

So how are we involved?

Colehouse have been working  in partnership on the launch and social media strategy. There is a lot of stuff coming up from Bite News with new topics being shared and discussed every week.  This project has the potential to cause big waves and we are honoured to be involved in it.  Watch this space.

How can I find out more about Bite The Ballot?

YouTube: YouTube.com/BiteNews
Twitter: @BiteChannel

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