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Brands That Care Are Brands That Connect

Many people are feeling disconnected from brands because many brands don’t stand for something and social media has only amplified this.  Use social media to show your brand cares

I am not saying that we should stop sharing memes and the fun stuff all together but I do believe that the brands that will stand out in the future are the ones that try to make a positive change and social will be the catalyst for many of them .

Most people worldwide would not care if more than 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow (source).

People want to be part of your story. A recent study by Edelmen showed that customers wanted to share the following.

  • Dialogue
  • Experiences
  • Goals
  • Values
  • Products
  • History

People care about your brand when:

You Listen – social media has given us the ability to listen to people on scale, and other digital tools have allowed us to make sense of the noise and data into meaningful insight. Brands that aren’t actively asking “how are we doing” are missing a huge opportunity.

You Share Your Story – People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. No matter the size of your business you can tell your story easier than ever before, be that through your blog, a vlog on YouTube, speaking at events or through your every day social posts.

You Give Back To The Community – many brands have tried to activate campaigns based on “we will donate £1 for every like” and this quite rightly pisses people off, if you have the funds to give, then give, don’t base it on a click of a mouse. The brands that are doing this right find a cause that connects tot their brand values and use social media to amplify the good they are doing, not as a conduit to doing good.

Help people love your brand

This is the kind of content people want to see from your brand and it will only help them to fall even more in love with what you do.  Many brands could benefit from this approach to social media. Sometimes saying less is better so make sure your brand is saying something of value.