Bite The Ballot: #TakePower

Today as the UK is dissecting the results in Scotland from the referendum, we are extremely proud to show you part of the project we have been working on with Bite The Ballot.

One of the core aims of Bite The Ballot is to inspire people to take an interest in politics and to register to vote. They also have a network of people who go into schools to help push this agenda on, they needed a resource to help spread that message and here it is.

Register to vote here:

Real change can happen, you need to take the first step towards getting your voice heard and register to vote. Why should the Government listen to what you have to say if you don’t register?

Eveyrone wants to see change, but no one sees how simple it is to make it happen.

On the 7th May, make sure you head to the polling stations, if there is no one worth voting for, spoil your ballot and do what no other generation has done before you. #TakePower

It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Bite The Ballot so far, they have a small but dedicated and highly talented team, and I cannot wait to see the difference this resource and the further plans we have will make come the UK General Elections in May 2015.