4 Ways To Maximise Email Data

In today’s society it is essential to see the importance of what advantages and opportunities using email marketing can create. As of last year there were 3.9 billion email users around the world, which is more than double of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users combined! Email marketing is one of the most effective and direct methods of connecting with customers and creating a great relationship with them. However, in order to use your customers’ emails effectively, it is essential to make sure that it is done right and to nail the basics. Here are some great ways and tips of how this can be done.  


Using your customers’ emails to send newsletters is a great way to stay at the top of their mind if done correctly. It is important to remember not to flood your customers’ inbox with your company’s newsletters, as there is a high chance that they could unsubscribe from your mailing list due to being overwhelmed with the amount of emails. However, sending out a monthly newsletter is the perfect way to inform your customers of any industry news, reinforce your brand’s reputation or increase the knowledge of your products and services. Also, with 90% of customers having said they prefer to receive company updates through email (10% prefer social media), it is a significant way to use your customers emails to be effective in a way that they prefer.  

Promotional Emails

Using your customers’ emails to send them special offers is great way to build a relationship and be effective by doing so. You are showing appreciation towards your customers for signing up to your mailing list. You are also targeting the idea of exclusivity and creating a personal touch. Making an offer exclusively for certain customers makes it more appealing and increases the chance of purchases. However, with everything, it is important to make sure your company is carrying this out correctly. When using your customers emails to send promotional emails, to get the most interaction with these emails, here are a few little things you can do. 

  • Create an enticing email subject line
  • Using one email call to action 
  • Ensure the email looks visually pleasing 
  • Optimise the little things


Another great way you can use your customers’ emails is for research. Now this aspect doesn’t get utilised as much as it should, but when done can give your company great, free customer feedback. One of the most common methods of completing research through email is a survey. By sending your customers a survey, you are gaining their honest opinions about your products and services. Once receiving this information, you can then use it to change and improve your brand and cater it towards what your customers wants and needs. Now, sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that your customers complete the survey you sent. However, if you give them an incentive such as being automatically entered into a draw to receive £10 off their next order once they have completed the survey, increases the chances massively of them taking part. 

Ad targeting

The last great way you can use your customers emails is ad targeting. The best way and the best people to target your advertising to is the customers you already have! So what is better to do than to integrate your facebook ads with your existing contact list. This is an ideal method to use as you no longer have to target by age, group or specific interests and hope they’re right, you can target customers that have already engaged with your brand, which can result in a 30% decrease in cost-per-lead! Therefore this is something that would be massively beneficial to take advantage of and can make your company run more cost effectively. 

All of these methods of using your current customers’ emails can have significant benefits to your brand or company in helping you understand your customers preferences and how to ensure that your brand is the one they are loyal towards and recommend. It is also a great way to utilise the resources you already have and overall make life a little easier!