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4 Seriously Underused Twitter Features

4 Seriously Underused Twitter Features Twitter is used by all the major brands and most nearly all digital marketers worth their salt, however, there is a lot of functionality people...

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2015: The Year Of Social Video

2015: The Year Of Social Video If you haven’t already worked it out, the Twitters and Facebook’s of this world are giving preference to video content. Naturally, as they...

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Brand YouTube Channels Launched Right

It’s finally happening in the mainstream.  It is good to see that a company like Asda is taking the bull by the horns when working with digital talent. Asda...

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Circloscope: Social Media Software Review

What is it: Circloscope (not an affiliate) is a web based Google Plus analytics and growth tool. Cost: $47 annual covers one personal page and three business pages (£28 at...

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Pinterest Marketing is Getting Serious in 2014

Pinterest — you know, the place where ladies plan for their wedding day?  If you are still of this opinion then you are in for a shock. While the...

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How To Properly Evaluate YouTube Content

Have you got a YouTube strategy? If not, you should probably firstly read our previous post, Why Brands Need To Start Paying More Attention To YouTube. When you are...

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What Happens Online In 60 Seconds (INFOGRAPHIC)

It is that time of the year again, the great people at Qmee have published what happens online in 60 seconds, the 2014 edition. It just goes to show...

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