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How Often Should You Review Your Borrowed Media Strategy?

Reviewing your borrowed media strategy is an absolute must, but how often should it be done? This may seem like a silly question for some of my readers, but we regularly...

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Google Launch + Posts Ads For Those Who Have Invested Time In G+

+ Post Ads Google announced yesterday the roll out of + posts for Google Plus pages or people with over 1000 followers.  Accounts can now chose to have a...

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Hangouts On Air: Why Your Business Should Be Using Them

What are Hangouts On Air? As you can see Hangouts on Air are a Google product that allow you to broadcast and interact with people streamed live onto your...

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Helpouts Are The Future Of Digital Customer Service

Samsung has taken the customer experience to the next level to now offer live customer support on Helpouts by Google. Helpouts were launched a few months back. It is...

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Creating a Digital Brand Story

To often there is a gap in brand promise and advertising. A Brand Story That Inspires People connect with stories. People relate to information in different ways, the best way...

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Staying Ahead of Social Media in 2014

Social media is an ever changing beast. For most businesses it is hard to know what to do and how to keep up. Rules change, bad advice is given,...

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The WHO, WHAT, WHEN and HOW of Creating A Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media strategy has never been more important, winging it simply won’t do any more.  If you have a business it simply needs to utilise social media,...

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